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Tim_PetcoThank you for your interest in volunteering for Helping Animals To Survive. Your time and skills can make all the difference in the lives of Lincoln County homeless animals! Please fill out our volunteer form and indicate which team you are interested in helping. You can choose more than one!  Thank you for your interest in volunteering and we look forward to meeting you!

(Please note that to volunteer in the shelter, you will be required to fill out a separate volunteer application for LCAS and secure a background check, as well as undergo a separate volunteer orientation.)

Volunteer Application
If yes, please explain below:
If yes, please explain below:
In consideration of this opportunity to volunteer for Helping Animals To Survive ("HATS"), I agree to the following terms and conditions, and understand that I may be released of volunteering should I violate any of the below: 1. I will accurately and truthfully complete this Volunteer Application and Agreement. 2. I will attend volunteer orientation prior to volunteering. I understand that: a) There is a nonrefundable orientation registration fee which includes a volunteer T-shirt. b) Orientations are only available online c) Refunds of the orientation fee are not available. d) I have 90 days to complete the online orientation. After 90 days I will need to re-register. 3. I will abide by the mission, rules, regulations, policies and programs of HATS while I am a volunteer. 4. I will treat all animals, other Volunteers (HATS and non-HATS), HATS staff, LCAS staff and management, and the general public with dignity and respect. 5. While handling or fostering animals in HATS's care, I agree to become a designated caretaker for those animals. 6. If I will be sheltering or providing foster care or boarding for any of the HATS animals in my home, I consent to a HATS representative visiting my home from time to time to observe the animals and their living quarters. 7. I understand that HATS volunteers must be at least 12 years of age. Volunteers aged 12-15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Volunteers aged 16-17 may obtain a signed parent waiver in order to volunteer without parental supervision. If I am currently 12-17 years old my parent or guardian must also complete this online application and attend volunteer orientation. 8. I certify that I have not been convicted of nor am I currently charged with any of the following crimes: a) any felony, b) an offense against the person, c) an offense against the family, d) cruelty to animals, e) robbery, f) burglary, g) theft, h) fraud, i) money laundering. 9. I am not a registered sex offender in any state. 10. I will not conduct or participate in illegal activity on any HATS property or at any HATS sponsored event. 11. I will abide by the HATS Code of Conduct. (below) Volunteer Release & Waiver I understand and agree that as a Volunteer for Helping Animals To Survive (herein after referred to as "HATS"), I assume all risks of loss or injury, including death to myself or damage to my property while participating in the Volunteer program, including volunteer work performed at Lincoln County Animal Services in Lincolnton, NC. I understand and agree that all services performed by me will be performed on a strictly voluntary basis, and that I will receive no remuneration, pay or compensation of any kind. I understand and agree that I will not be an employee of HATS and will not receive any benefits normally available to employees of HATS. I understand and agree that HATS shall incur no liability of any nature as result of my volunteering for HATS. I understand that in handling animals and performing other volunteer tasks there is a risk of injury, including physical harm or death, and that all services performed by me will be done at my own risk. I understand HATS strongly recommends that I keep current my tetanus immunization. I further understand that HATS recommends that any dogs and cats that I live with should be immunized by my veterinarian, if not already done so. I understand that to volunteer on the HATS Shelter Support Team to work directly with the animals at Lincoln County Animals Services (LCAS, I will need to complete a separate Volunteer application presented by LCAS, submit a background check required by LCAS, and attend a LCAS orientation prior to being permitted to volunteer at LCAS. Therefore, on behalf of myself, my heirs and personal representatives, I hereby release, discharge and indemnify and hold harmless HATS and its assigns, successors, agents, staff, officers, board of directors, employees, contractors and representatives from any and all claims, causes of action or demands of any nature of cause whatsoever, including costs and legal fees arising out of, or relating to, my volunteering with HATS, including, but not limited to, animal bites, disease, accidents, property damage, or injuries. I certify that the information above is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to employment, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release.
• Never strike, handle or treat an animal in a way that would be construed as rough or abusive. I will always exercise compassion and care with the animals. • Seek assistance from a HATS Team Leader whenever necessary. • Communicate any Volunteer-related problems, concerns, differences of opinion, conflicts, or suggestions only to HATS Team Leaders or HATS Leadership Team. • Hold confidential all information stated as confidential to HATS Volunteers only including private social media pages and Facebook private messages. • Refrain from sharing Volunteer private information with non-HATS volunteers without consent from the Volunteer whose private information with which you have access. • Refrain from expressing in any public forum, including on the Internet and any social media, any negative comments or statements regarding HATS and/or LCAS. • Become familiar with and adhere to HATS policies and procedures, and seek clarification when necessary. HATS policies and procedures are covered in HATS Orientation session. • Be punctual and conscientious; conduct myself with dignity, courtesy, and consideration for others, and maintain a well-groomed appearance for all public events. • Be available to volunteer a minimum of eight hours a month. • Notify a HATS Team Leader when I am unable to volunteer as scheduled and provide as much notice as possible so as not to create a hardship to my fellow HATS Volunteers. • Refrain from using the HATS logo in any manner without prior authorization from a member of the HATS Leadership Team. • Refrain from contacting the media and/or speaking directly to the media (even when approached by the media) in regards to any topic or situation involving HATS and/or Lincoln County Animal Services without prior authorization from a member of the HATS Leadership or Communications Team Leader. I further agree to immediately notify a member of the HATS Leadership or Communications Team Leader upon being approached by the media for comment or information regarding HATS and/or LCAS. • Notify a HATS Team Leader if I choose to discontinue my volunteer service with HATS. • I understand that HATS reserves the right to terminate my Volunteer status as a result of any of the following: • Any observed or suspected abuse or mistreatment of an animal. • Failure to comply with policies, rules, code of conduct, and/or procedures. • Unsatisfactory attitude, actions or lack of action, or appearance. • Any other circumstances which, in the judgment of the HATS Leadership Team, would make my continued service as a Volunteer contrary to the best interest of the No Kill mission.