There are cats at Lincoln County Animal Services who have been labeled feral or semi-feral. These cats are looking for a safe, protected home where they can live and work outside in a barn, shed, garage, or other appropriate dwelling. Shelter cats come altered (fixed) and current on vaccines.

We request that you be able to provide a safe location out of the weather where the cats can be confined for a 2 to 4 week period as they acclimate to their new environment. The transition period greatly increases chances of success by giving the kitties time to get comfortable with the new sites, sounds, and smells of their new home. Acclimation time helps to ensure the cats will stay on their new property and can live and work safely in their new environment.

There is no fee to the new owners for the adoption of barn cats, but when the cats are ready for release the new owners agree to take on all permanent care and responsibility, including any medical needs that may occur from outdoor life. We prefer to send our cats in groups of 2-3 or more if possible; when cats form a group they support each other for protection and safety from weather and predators.

If you are interested in having working cats on your property, please contact Ashley Parsons