About HATS

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logo_gfcThe purpose of Helping Animals to Survive, a 501c3 organization, is to act as guardians to protect and enhance the lives of companion animals through facilitating community involvement, education, legislation and leadership.

We accomplish this through continued implementation of comprehensive programs designed to promote an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion, as we advocate for the humane treatment of animals.

We are a 100% volunteer based organization, with all donations and funds going directly to helping animals in our community.

HATS is not a rescue. We do not take in animals. We do provide resources for people who are looking to rehome, or who are missing their pets, or who have found pets and are attempting to find their owners. Please visit our Resources page for links to our Facebook pages and outside agencies that may be able to assist you.

We believe that every animal deserves a chance, and we need volunteers and donations to help us reach our goals! If you are interested in giving of your time, please visit the Volunteer page to get started!

We also need donations so that we can support the animals in our community through various programs. If you are interested in giving, please do so at our Donate page.