"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

Volunteer Opportunities

Our HATS volunteers play an integral part in the No-Kill Philosophy. HATS has many fun Teams and Programs that all need volunteers to make things happen to save our county’s homeless animals.  Review the following Programs and volunteer opportunities to see where your talents may be best utilized. If you are already a volunteer and are looking to sign up for events, please check our Volunteer Needs and Signups page.

Orange_Paw_60px    Direct Animal Contact Team   |   Volunteer-Hand-IconNon-Direct Animal Contact Team


Orange_Paw_60pxSpay/Neuter Program
Are you available on Saturdays? Do you enjoy greeting pet owners and answering pet owner questions (after training of course)? If you like encouraging pet owners to spay/neuter their pets in a respectful manner, this is your team. For questions email spayneuter@HATSalive.org or to volunteer please fill out the Volunteer Form.


Orange_Paw_60pxAdoptions – If you love working with the animals and the public, we need volunteers on our adoptions team to transport animals, help set up the adoption space, and talk to potential adopters about the animals. Most events take place on the weekends, so if you have some spare time on weekends you can help pets find their forever homes.
Orange_Paw_60pxShort-term Foster Program – Volunteers are needed to provide “safe havens” in their homes for 1 day up to 3 weeks. This temporary haven is needed to allow HATS and other parties to coordinate transport itineraries to get the animals to the rescue groups. If you have a spare room in your home for short periods of time (no more than 3 weeks), this may be the perfect way for you to save a dog or cat’s life. To volunteer please fill out the Volunteer Form.


Orange_Paw_60pxThe sad reality is that feral, or community, cats are almost always killed if they end up in a shelter. With the Trap/Neuter/Release program, we can significantly reduce the number of community cats who end up in the Lincoln County Shelter. We need volunteers to help trap cats, transport them to and from the vet’s office, and release them safely back to their community. In addition, we need people who can help educate the public about community cats. Speaking at groups or events, and even going door-to-door with educational materials will help ensure that the cats can continue to live peacefully with their neighbors. To volunteer please fill out the Volunteer Form.

Orange_Paw_60pxShelter Support Team
Have a passion for working directly with the dogs and cats? The animals at LCAS love and appreciate the work HATS Shelter Support Team members provide them. Whether it be exercising dogs, socializing with the cats, providing light grooming and/or bathing of the animals, they need us to help them get rescued, fostered, or adopted by being seen in their best light. For questions contact sheltersupport@hatsalive.org or to volunteer please fill out the Volunteer Form.

Volunteer-Hand-IconEvents / PR Team
Do you enjoy talking to people? Or calling on various clubs, churches, and organizations to secure speaking engagements? The HATS Community Outreach Team presents information about HATS, its vision, mission and goals to a wide variety of audiences and encourages people to get involved in various ways. Let us know if you’re like to spread the word on a grand scale. For questions email events@hatsalive.org or to volunteer please fill out the Volunteer Form.

Marketing Support
Marketing is a wide-reaching component to the HATS organization. There are various teams within Marketing and volunteers help the various arms work in a cohesive manner. Some of the individual team within Marketing include:

  • Volunteer-Hand-IconSocial Media – Learn to use a working, established process to promote LCAS animals to rescue groups, fosters, and adopters nationwide! Must have a laptop or desktop computer and be familiar with Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram! A great way to directly make a difference.
  • POrange_Paw_60pxhotography/Video – If you have an eye for photography or enjoy making videos, we need volunteers to go to the shelter and take flattering photos and videos of the animals so that they can be shared on social media and other websites in their best light. Don’t worry – we’ll provide training and support!
  • Volunteer-Hand-IconWeb Support – If you are computer savvy, we would love to put your skills to work in the technology side of marketing. Volunteers can help update the website and various adoption websites so that we can showcase the largest number of animals possible.
  • Volunteer-Hand-IconCommunications Team – Seeking volunteers with experience writing press releases, sending mass emails to the press, using MailChimp, MS Word, and converting documents to PDF. Must enjoy writing, editing, and proofreading. Good grammar and technical skills are essential.

For questions contact Nicole Kenney at HATS.pr@gmail.com or to volunteer please fill out the Volunteer Form.