It literally takes a community to save the lives of homeless animals. HATS implements a number of programs, all powered by volunteers, designed to promote an environment of respect, responsibility, and compassion, as we advocate for the humane treatment of animals in our community.  We can always use volunteers in the following programs. For a more detailed list of the types of volunteering opportunities available in each program, visit our volunteer opportunities page.

Spay/Neuter Program
Spaying or neutering pets is critical to preventing unwanted puppies and kittens from entering the shelter or needing to find homes. To encourage pet owners to spay/neuter, and to assist those who find traditional surgery financially out of reach, HATS works with a number of area animal hospitals to offer low cost spay/neuter programs. You can find details of the Spay/Neuter Programs here.

Adoption Events
To help reach the goal of giving every animal a chance, HATS works to get animals adopted into their forever homes. HATS works with the shelter to showcase animals at adoption events in Lincoln and surrounding counties so that they may meet their new families.

Short-term Foster Program
Many animals need temporary homes as they transition out of the shelter, or in order to prevent them from entering the shelter system. Volunteers provide “safe havens” in their homes for 1 day up to 3 weeks to allow HATS and other parties to coordinate transport itineraries to get the animals to rescue groups or adoption events. Occasionally, longer term foster care is needed when volunteers feel an animal would thrive better in a home environment. Fosters allow these animals a loving, secure environment until their forever family is found.

More than 70% of cats who enter the nation’s animal control pounds and shelters are killed. While the numbers in Lincoln County are no longer that high, the sad reality is that feral, or community, cats are almost always killed if they end up in a shelter. With the Trap/Neuter/Release program, we can significantly reduce the number of community cats who end up in the Lincoln County Shelter. We can also enhance the lives of community cats who live with caretakers by ensuring they are vaccinated and sterilized to stop the cycle of breeding.

Shelter Support Team
The animals at LCAS love and appreciate the work HATS Shelter Support Team members provide them. Volunteers exercise dogs, socialize with the cats, provide light grooming and/or bathing of the animals, and assist with photographs or videos of the animals. They also work with rescues and help arrange foster and transport for the animals going to rescue organizations.

Events / PR
The HATS Community Outreach Team presents information about HATS, its vision, mission and goals to a wide variety of audiences and encourages people to get involved in various ways. Team members are often found at community events and festivals to help spread the word about HATS and recruit volunteers.